Revival Prophesied in Portland:

Prophesy for Portland, Oregon and surrounding regions given by Cindy Jacobs at the summer revival conference at Bible Temple on Tuesday, July 22, 1997:

‘And the Lord would say to this city, “I’m going to raise up the watch that will come from the city, and the anointing from this watch will be the anointing to break New Age.

I will tear down the idolatry to humanism, and the Word will go out in the spirit that no longer will this be a haven for New Age,” says God, “because I’m going to turn it around. I’m getting ready to manifest myself as the God of glory in this city. I’m going to release a river of miracles.

I’m going to release signs and wonders. I’m going to cause limbs to grow where there are no limbs, eyes to be grown where there are no eyes.” And God says, “I will even astound the medical profession.” And the Lord says, “There will even be a day, even to this church, that you will see doctors line the platform, and you will see them come and you will see the crutches pile up, and you will see the wheelchairs and the stretchers, for I am doing a new thing,” says God.

“I will cause this city to be raised up as a standard. I will be on CNN News. I am going to not only heal bodies, but I’m going to heal this city,” says the Lord. “I am going to heal the economy. I’m going to make out of this city a model that many people from governments from around the United States will be flying in, because I am causing a new anointing to come on this city.”

And the Lord says, “They will marvel because I’m going to be glorified in city government. I’m going to be glorified in the health and human services. I’m going to be glorified in the social services. I’m going to heal the educational system. I’m going to heal the legal system. I’m going to transform this city,” says God, “and I’m going to use it as a model for America and the nations.”

Over Portland we prophesy the miracles. We say the trumpet of the Lord is going forth in Jesus’ name.’”

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